pokiPooki!! – Demo

ExerciseLong time no see. I wanted to use this blog so much more often but then again things don’t always work out as you expect them to. Instead I was using every single free minute – even on the bus rides home from university – to make some progress on the development of pokiPooki. I still can’t believe that I got up at 6:oo in the mornig just to get a few workhours in. But at last it all kinda paid off – no not with money but here it is: the glorious demo of pokiPooki!!

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pokiPooki!! – Prototype pt. II

Back when I started it was all programmer art but already during the prototyping phase that changed drastically. Zack Bell once wrote in one of CHXx8ZcWwAAfC2Phis articles that it’s important to make the prototype of your game already beautiful_giflook good and I couldn’t agree more. If you are working alone on your project you are just getting sick of it seeing it every day if it doesn’t look appealing to you. These changes just came very naturally along the way but after that I had to take a break from programming and just start rethinking how it should end up looking.

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My entry to the LudumDare33 “You are the monster”.

docI took part in the 72 hours compo with my girlfriend and a friend of mine. We met the day before and were in no rush to get started as the event began at 3 o’clock in the morning. Good sleep and a healthy breakfast is way monster__love_gifmore important. We brainstormed for quite a while until we came up with a concept we were all happy with: we decided to tell the story of a monster that just wants to be loved, but sometimes gets overwhelmed by its clumsiness and literally crushes other peoples hearts like all of our inside monsters unfortunately do so very often.

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pokiPooki!! – Prototype pt. I

It started as last semesters university project prototype.
meatboy_gifI was really disappointed by what the project had become at the end of the semester. For it to end like that I had poured too much of my heart and soul into every single line of code. So much in fact that I couldn’t stop working on it. I ripped out every idea and feature I found myself unsatisfactory until I started all over again with only the bare bones prototype I already had on the very first day of the semester.

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firstGameThis is the very first game I ever worked on in my spare time. Before that point in my life everyone told me “You can’t do that.” “You have to do math wizardry.” “Programming is not for you.” and maybe it really is, but still I managed to make that little caped men walk and talk and it made me feel like being king of the world. Not only his world. Not only the world I created. Who care’s whether I couldn’t do matrix multiplication nor ever heard of it? I made colorful pixels dance on my computer screen. And it was all magical to me.

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