pokiPooki!! – Prototype pt. I

It started as last semesters university project prototype.
meatboy_gifI was really disappointed by what the project had become at the end of the semester. For it to end like that I had poured too much of my heart and soul into every single line of code. So much in fact that I couldn’t stop working on it. I ripped out every idea and feature I found myself unsatisfactory until I started all over again with only the bare bones prototype I already had on the very first day of the semester.

For the following summer break I had no other hobbies. I was getting up early on free days and staying up late CHXx8ZcWwAAfC2Pto work on this new project. My goal was to have a basic platformer with only a few features set up and maybe make about 1o to 15 levels for the whole package. There shouldn’t be much but everything there was should make sense being there and be fun to play around with.

beautiful_gifI spent a long time tweaking the players behaviour until it just felt right and simple running and jumping in and of itself was enough fun to justify keeping working on the project.

The other one thing I really wanted to put a focus on in this project was the interaction with the enviroment – or to put it more precise: the reaction of the enviroment to itself and the player.crusher_idea_gif It’s such a simple yet great effect how the grass is gently waving as you run through it but what about when a laser would hit it? It should get burned. And birds hit by the laser should explode into puddles of blood and so on. And probably there should also be some element of permanence thrown in there for good measure so it’s not getting boring replaying after the 3rd death.

Problem was only that once I managed to include all that into the prototype I was trying to come up with a visual theme or style that would tie all that together neatly. And you could pessimistically say so that I just utterly flat out failed or at least a bit more positive that the game evolved…


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