pokiPooki!! – Demo

ExerciseLong time no see. I wanted to use this blog so much more often but then again things don’t always work out as you expect them to. Instead I was using every single free minute – even on the bus rides home from university – to make some progress on the development of pokiPooki. I still can’t believe that I got up at 6:oo in the mornig just to get a few workhours in. But at last it all kinda paid off – no not with money but here it is: the glorious demo of pokiPooki!!

The feedback was overwhelming! I never expected to get so many positve messages and I’m kinda proud of it. Thanks so much!

So the next big step is to take this demo and put it onto Kickstarter and see how people react to it. LongShort950x565Probably it won’t be the worst thing ever released on Kickstarter, right? And maybe then it even pays off in the money department. Right now me and my wife are preparing all the crazy goodies we are going to reward the backers with. Exciting times. Let’s see how it will play out.


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