pokiPooki!! – An heartfelt apology

hey hi,

first off: thank you all so very much for your support! It really means so much to me! But as I have to be realistic here: I will cancel the kickstarter.

My goal was never to raise the full amount needed – I just wouldn’t dare imagining it – but more to get the experience of making such a campaign and getting it funded would have been the cherry on top!

With that being said just as I wrote it down about two weeks ago what could be a risk to the project became a risk to the campaign itself: I was getting sick and couldn’t do almost anything on pc for a week let alone doing marketing stuff like contacting the right sites and press to have a realistic shot at getting funded.

Now we are already a week in and chances to get funded are dwindling by the minute and I still have only about a month of free time left. So I decided I would rather spend that time working on the game instead of promoting it as there is still so much to do and chances are it wouldn’t get funded anyway with only about 20 days left and an realistic but still already pretty ambitious goal for a no-name single man from the get go.

I will finish the project – it will only take much much longer. It is very dear to me and its almost heartbreaking to me to write these lines but I will keep working on it and maybe some time later start another campaign better than ever before with a much stronger foundation. We will see.

Again: thank you all so much! I love you all!

ps: if you still would like to buy me a beer you can do so through itch.io https://foreverisbetter.itch.io/pokipooki-the-demo



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